Velimir Novkovic
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Simplyrock is solid and competent IT engineering shop.
We praise ourselves in being able to efficiently help you with
developing new IT products and bringing them to the next level of perfection.

Clear formulation and in-depth understanding of modeled processes,
intimate oversight, realistic transparent planning and
increased team agility establish solid basis with substantially
higher chances of successful outcome.

And that is what we can bring to your organization.


We can help you with your strategic technology decisions,
managing IT programs and/or projects and
architect computer systems and software applications.

Computer systems, or any organisational systems for that matter,
grow complex over time and successful projects and products are
harder and harder to accomplish.

As an integrated member of your team or organization or as an external partner
we are here ready to take up another challenging assignment and
turn it into brilliant success.


It is our belief that as we work together on our corporate assignments,
regardless of their size and temporal importance, as individuals or team members
we create communities of accomplishments that build our
immediate and distant surroundings.
Efficient and seamless communication and cooperation
between these communities is a key success factor
for long lasting prosperity and success of any business entity.

You can find us here

Velimir Novkovic
vn at simplyrock dot dk
+45 2987 8196